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Anthony Munn

Director, Office of Animal Welfare

Mr. Munn oversees the Office of Animal Welfare which provides support services to all animal use endeavors at West Virginia University. His role is to facilitate research activities by assisting investigators in meeting regulatory obligations and developing detailed plans to address animal welfare. Mr. Munn, along with his team, work with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to develop policies, procedures, and resources that guide and educate the research community on the best practices for use of animals. He also serves as a primary contact for the IACUC in its collaborations with various departments across campus.

Mr. Munn’s management approach incorporates the concept of value added analysis, which attempts to identify and eliminate steps in processes which do not improve research or enhance the efforts of animal care. Mr. Munn earned a BS in Biology at the University of Maine and his MS in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas. He holds certifications both as a manager of animal resources and as a professional IACUC administrator.

Mr. Munn’s career has spanned two decades in animal research including private industry and public institutions. He has participated in multiple successful AAALAC accreditation site visits both as a manager of animal care operations and manager of research animal compliance oversight. West Virginia University represents the fourth Research 1 academic institution he has served.